Using remote wipe laptop software for effective data protection

Feb 12, 2014

2014-02-12 Data.jpgThe bring-your-own-device (BYOD)trend is quickly becoming the standard rather than the exception among businesses as they launch mobile initiatives. However, these efforts introduce security considerations that organizations have not yet needed to factor in – the increasing use of laptops and mobile devices for work processes and online file sharing has brought up numerous potential data safety risks. While the threats continue to emerge from both internal and external parties, IT managers can use remote wipe laptop software to protect critical information and deter unauthorized personnel from viewing sensitive files.

Meeting mobile with advanced security measures
BYOD has become both an asset and a challenge for organizations as they attempt to govern essential work resources. The Wall Street Journal reported that more companies are wiping employee devices clean after they leave the business, but there are some firms that have failed to notify their staff of these procedures, giving them inadequate time to backup personal data. More businesses have established comprehensive policies that detail the proper procedures if a device is lost, stolen or if an employee exits the company. These regulations will often include a data protection solution that wipes the device, ensuring that the data is not compromised or stolen. By guaranteeing that these rules are well communicated throughout the company and giving staff a copy of the policy, managers can remotely delete critical data from hardware, giving them better oversight into the location of company files.

Bringing security to integral data
As laptops and other mobile devices are utilized for business functions, enterprises must ensure that they have a data protection solution that will deter threats and lockdown critical assets. InformationWeek contributor Cindi Howson noted that more programs for mobile security enable password authorization and lockout functions to prevent unknown users from accessing the system. Remote wipe laptop software such as Memeo C1 goes the extra mile by not only providing a secure platform to share business files, but also enabling tools to delete company data from user devices.

Preserving personal data in a BYOD workplace
If organizations are worried about affecting personal data, then this concern can be easily alleviated. ZDNet contributor Joe McKendrick noted that by containerizing the device, organizations will separate work information and allow management to only govern those elements. This practice can provide peace of mind to both staff members and IT personnel. With this option and the remote wipe program, businesses will be able to protect their assets and provide their workers with the tools they need to be more efficient and productive.

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