Using online file sharing to drive collaboration efforts

Aug 12, 2014

2014-08-12 Collaboration.jpgAs part of the larger effort to improve business processes, collaboration has been seen as a major asset that will substantially boost the quality of company services and customer interactions. While collaboration initiatives focus on employee functions, the potential benefits are far-reaching, supporting better efficiency and productivity across all departments. While the potential advantages of workers teaming up seem obvious, many organizations still have not provisioned their staff with the appropriate tools to drive such endeavors, despite the increasing need to do so.

Collaboration efforts and tools like online file sharing have become essential for businesses to promote innovation and overall advancement. While many organizations still silo their employees based on individual responsibilities, this practice causes organizations to miss out on substantial benefits. According to recent research by the Association for Information and Image Management (AIIM), there is wide acceptance of collaboration and associated tools, with more than 60 percent of participants noting that these efforts are crucial to their operations. At the same time, many decision makers have restricted the use of third-party file sharing solutions that are geared toward consumers. By integrating a business-grade system, users will be able to work on documents with their peers without fear of compromising sensitive information.

“[T]his is only a snapshot of what is going on in the collaboration software space. It shows that most businesses consider enterprise collaboration tools a ‘must have’ for business success,” according to CMS Wire. “However, this is a technology space that is still evolving. By next year, the list of must haves will have changed again, even if the moving of and working with content across teams, departments, enterprises and globally will remain the driving principle.”

Teaming up through the cloud
Cloud services have been praised for their wide variety of benefits, as it enables employees to easily work together, making it an asset to business functions. MSPmentor noted that the cloud offers simpler way to move information and allows individuals to work together from anywhere at anytime. This unlimited accessibility empowers staff members to make edits and view changes to documents in real time, ensuring that everyone has the most recent version on hand at any given moment. The cloud also provides online file storage for archival and backup purposes, allowing people to access their resources from any device and keep business running in the event of an emergency.

“Cloud based file sharing makes the once cumbersome process of moving data and information from device to device as easy as a quick log in,” MSPmentor wrote. “This allows employees to maintain busy travel schedules, workplace flexibility and work remotely easier than ever.”

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