USA Gymnastics innovates collaboration with cloud file sharing solutions

Aug 26, 2014

2014-08-26 Cloud.jpgThe cloud has made substantial changes to mission-critical processes, making it easier to transfer documents and ensure that all users have access to company resources. Cloud-based file sharing solutions are increasingly being leveraged for collaboration purposes, opening up more opportunities for workers to team up with their peers and finish projects effectively. While numerous businesses have adopted the technology, other organizations are beginning to realize the value of the sharing services and cloud features.

If companies are using legacy infrastructures or outdated practices to foster collaboration, they will not be able to  reap the same benefits as cloud adopters. USA Gymnastics realized that the long-held practices of using USB drives, emails and other platforms were just not feasible for their needs as more employees began to work remotely. Baseline Magazine noted that these outdated tools, along with a 2008 incident where files were overwritten on a server, demonstrated a need for the cloud to streamline internal collaboration and ensure that all recent document versions are preserved. By using an online file sharing platform in the cloud, users can access their files from any location and work on them. Multiple employees can also edit the document at the same time and see changes as they occur, guaranteeing that all viewers have the most updated information on hand.

“We have almost completely phased out the need for network drives,” Jeff Smith, managing director of events and technology, told the source. “We’ve adopted an IT framework that allows IT to operate more strategically.”

Fostering collaboration through mobile engagement
In today’s business environment, it’s rare to see workers tied down solely to a desktop – users are now utilizing a variety of mobile hardware including laptops, smartphones and tablets to complete their daily tasks. While this is a major improvement for collaboration purposes, some organizations still have not provided the tools to support this effort. Mobile file sharing services can be very effective in allowing remote workers to join forces and peers to team up from any preferred location. TechTarget contributor Dan Sullivan noted that when integrating this technology, companies should first test their infrastructurewith a pilot of the program. This will help ensure that users understand how to leverage the system effectively and give IT the opportunity to identify any vulnerabilities in the setup.

“Changes to the network may be required if delays are too long when transferring files to remote locations,” Sullivan wrote. “Also, simulate varying loads on the file-sharing services to better understand performance under anticipated loads once the system is in general use.”

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