Secure methods of transferring large files online

Jan 23, 2014

2015-01-13 Security.jpgAs collaboration becomes a more important priority for a majority of organizations, file sharing solutions are being adopted to improve these efforts and ensure that employees have the best tools available. These services are advancing to include features that are viable for business use, including more sophisticated security measures and better governance oversight into the location of mission-critical assets. However, for many users, it is difficult to determine how to transfer large files safely. This need can be answered easily with an enterprise-grade sharing solution that, when implemented successfully, will help companies run more efficiently.

While most regular files can be sent through email, in many cases, users do not have the same luxury when it comes to larger documents. At the same time, if a significant quantity of content must be sent, it can be challenging to use email for this purpose. PCWorld noted that many email programs can only handle a maximum file size of 10MB. While some can support 25MB or 20MB, this is still limiting if the user is transferring videos, photos or other content. One of the reasons for this is the fact that most of these services are built for consumers, not businesses. With enterprise solutions, the company can ensure that space needs are met and that the program will address the transfer of large files online. By understanding what the software has to offer, organizations can choose a solution that will meet their needs and ensure that media will transfer.

Sharing large files securely
Deciding on an online file sharing platform can be difficult with all of the options available, but organizations should consider how to transfer large files and how the vendor supports these processes. Media like video and other files that take up a lot of space must have security in order for employees to collaborate effectively and ensure that their assets are protected from compromise.Memeo C1 provides services similar to that of other sharing solutions, but this offering is geared specifically for business use, with protective measures built into the management console and enough space allocation to send large documents.These features will help keep assets safe and ensure that staff are still able to work together and increase productivity.

File sharing has become a necessary asset across organizations and as these solutions advance, businesses must consider options that allow them to transfer large files online securely. With services that are made for company use, employees will find it more relevant to their needs and management can keep better watch over their assets.