Secure file sharing bridges gap between IT and staff needs

Jan 28, 2014

2014-10-28 Mobile File Sharing.jpgThe ability to collaborate with online file sharing is quickly expanding across industries to provide employees with solutions that will streamline processes and maximize benefits. However, if the organization chooses the wrong service or does not integrate security measures, it could put sensitive data at risk and garner significant losses. Businesses must ensure that their systems enable secure file sharing and allow employees to effectively work together.

Although security policies have become a necessary part of company operations, if they are not established throughout the organization, the rules will be fruitless. A recent study by DataMotion found that IT management and non-IT staff have differing views on the security and compliance of file transfer procedures and corporate email habits, eWEEK reported. Some IT supervisors are also intentionally turning off capabilities and taking risks because of emerging technology issues. For example, although more than 94 percent of IT managers allow corporate email to be used on staff hardware, 44.4 percent of organizations are still unable to send and receive encrypted email from mobile platforms. Although policies have gone into place to support emerging devices, many employees are unsure if their organization has regulations governing the use of mobile devices, showing that many of these rules are not being established effectively.

“IT has to keep pace, which is why the communications disconnect with non-IT employees, as well as the risks being taken, require immediate attention,” DataMotion CTO Bob Janacek told the source. “Furthermore, regulatory developments in many industries have expanded; meaning companies not previously covered, might be now. Failing to comply can be devastating.”

Effective file sharing in business
File sharing solutions have become integral to the success of collaboration efforts and overall company profitability. In order to communicate the policy to every department and keep data secure, companies should migrate to the cloud and utilize other online sharing platforms, which can bring significant advantages to users. MSPmentor noted that moving critical data to the cloud will be a substantial moveand as the organization grows, the cloud and its various programs will expand as well.

“For most businesses, moving a key function to the cloud is a serious undertaking, and every day, hundreds of business[es] take the plunge with the help of trusted technical advisors, whether they be part of the internal team or an MSP,” according to MSPmentor. “As the cloud grows in popularity, so too will the need for experienced, technical-minded professionals.”

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