Risks of departing employees: Tips for IT

Feb 02, 2014

2014-02-02 Collaboration.jpgOrganizations are increasing their oversight of information on a consistent basis to ensure it remains secure at all times. However, when employees leave, protecting mission-critical data is considerably more complicated and can lead to data breaches if not handled appropriately. Departing workers are often seen as a security threat and steps must be taken to guarantee that sensitive information remains under managerial control.

Tip 1: Use software to keep track of integral information
With unprotected mobile devices and online file sharing programs, it is becoming much easier for employees to take data with them when they leave, which can create system vulnerabilities. CNET cited the recent Zynga Inc. case where one of the company’s former workersuploaded 760 files to a personal account before joining another gaming organization. Because most of these incidents are unreported, they are becoming harder to prevent, but remain rampant in the enterprise. However, with business-grade file sharing solutions like Memeo C1, companies can keep track of sensitive information and ensure that the data is wiped from user devices before an employee leaves. One of the easiest ways for managers to secure their assets is to implement better communication between IT security and human-resources to inform about upcoming staff departures and other situations.

Tip 2: Establish policies related to data use and exit procedures
Data breaches have become more common among businesses, with some of the incidents stemming from employee errors and departing workers. That is why it is important to secure these assets with the proper tools. Entrepreneur contributor Riva Richmond noted that managers must establish expectations at the very beginning of an employee’s career about the acceptable use of organizational data and what processes must be observed. This policy can include having an online file sharing solution with technology features to monitor and wipe data remotely. These tools will mitigate potential risks and ensure that assets are not compromised.

Tip 3: Enable constant monitoring and protection
Richmond also recommended monitoring employees up until their departure and to end their access credentials as quickly as possible. These approaches will help catch any suspicious activity and ensure that workers are cut off from critical business data after they leave. Services such as Memeo C1 offer organizations an unobtrusive way to erase the information from the device, reducing the potential for data leakage. As workers depart, businesses will need to make sure these solutions are in place to handle any breaches and keep data secure.

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