Rise in U.S. hiring: BYOD and secure file sharing to attract top talent

Feb 12, 2015

2015-02-12 Top Talent.jpgAlthough talk of an economic recession is still fresh in many people’s minds, the U.S. economy is on an upswing. According to The Wall Street Journal, new hiring numbers show that the country is currently embarking on one of thebest job creation streaks in recent memory.

However, as more employment opportunities are created, competition is heating up among businesses to attract the best talent possible for open positions. Companies must demonstrate that they are forward-thinking and have their staff members’ best interests at heart. In this way, decision-makers should explain the benefits of working at their firm, including the flexibility of a BYOD program coupled with the data safeguards of a secure file sharing program.

Increase in new jobs
The Wall Street Journal stated the past four months have been particularly successful for employment rates, with numbers reaching the prosperous levels they were at in the 1990s. Research shows that after adjusting for seasonal positions, the U.S. added a total of 217,000 jobs in May.

“The U.S. economy has added at least 200,000 jobs each month since February, the longest such stretch since September 1999 to January 2000,” The Wall Street Journal stated.

While the unemployment rate hovered around the same 6.3 percent level experts saw this past May. In spite of this, though, many have have high hopes for the economy overall.

“There’s no doubt that the rate of job creation has accelerated as the labor market has improved,” noted Dan Greenhaus, BTIG LLC chief strategist.

However, as more jobs are created, this will increase the amount of competition among businesses to attract the most qualified, talented individuals to fill these positions. Now more than ever, it is becoming more important to have resources in place that will encourage individuals to seek employment with a specific organization. These days, companies cannot simply post about an open position and leave it at that. They must provide perks that will foster the growth of an intelligent, successful workforce.

Essentials to attracting top talent
As more groups find themselves in need of employees, the applicants themselves are becoming more hip to the game as far as hiring goes. In this way, if one firm doesn’t provide the benefits candidates are looking for, these individuals will simply find another group in need of talent that does offer what they want.

In order to ensure that qualified applicants don’t end up working for the competition, there are a few key resources enterprises should provide, as well as some unique hiring approaches they should take. One such technique is making the application and interview process as easily navigable and streamlined as possible, U.S. News suggested. If people find that they have to jump through hoops to simply express their interest in a position, they will likely seek opportunities elsewhere.

Companies also must position themselves as forward-thinking, noting the advantages of working at the firm early on. One such benefit is support for a mobile workforce, which is something individuals are increasingly looking for in a business. For example, if an organization has a BYOD program, administrators should let applicants know and explain how this helps both the staff and the enterprise itself.

They should also demonstrate their technical know-how by providing details of the program, including how the group avoids BYOD security risks. The business should be leveraging a secure file sharing solution and other safeguards to ensure that employee and enterprise data is safe. In this way, potential new hires will see that the group is not only looking to keep pace with others in the industry, but has both the best interests of staff members and the enterprise in mind.

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