Replace legacy servers with online file sharing for business benefits

May 23, 2014

2014-05-23 Servers.jpgSharing business files is becoming a considerable asset for employees and overall growth, but without the right tools, the potential benefits cannot be realized. Many modern solutions promote real-time interaction, cost savings and substantial efficiency boosts. If an organization is still using legacy file servers, however, these advantages will not be within reach and will only introduce additional issues. By integrating a company-grade service such as Memeo C1, staff members will be able to transfer their documents without worrying about compromises or slow processing times.

Using outdated equipment will considerably hurt business production, which is part of the reason why decision makers should invest in solutions to replace file servers. While this equipment may be tried and true, Business 2 Community contributor Josh Topal noted that there are no uptime guarantees and the hardware is often costly to maintain and slow to adapt. In a fast-paced environment, agility and minimizing outages are integral to operations and organization continuity. However, if these elements cannot be guaranteed, staff members are then taking a risk every time they access the file server.

In addition, the legacy systems can actually complicate collaboration and file sharing while making mobile efforts practically impossible. Many file servers do not offer the capacity to support these needs. With all of these capabilities put into question, companies should turn to online file sharing to ensure that they have features that will meet user needs and support growth initiatives. With sharing programs, users can leverage a host of features to realize substantial benefits.

“These services let you offload hardware and software maintenance to lower your costs, and they also deliver anywhere-access and collaboration features that file servers can’t match,” Topal wrote. “Bottom line: your business deserves more than your file server.”

File sharing influences operation capabilities

Company operations are held together by the combination of staff members and the tools they use — if the features aren’t effective, the organization may not be as successful as it aims to be. However, with business-class file sharing solutions, the way employees work is changing on a regular basis. MSPmentor noted that by using these services, staff can collaborate with anyone, mitigate the need for email attachments and have mobility at all times. These capabilities open new opportunities for remote work and ensure that companies can capitalize on efficiency improvements. By opting for modern offerings such as Memeo C1, organizations will be able to see immediate growth in productivity as well as employee satisfaction, which can reflect on revenue and profitability as a whole. The solution also allows workers to access their resources from any location at any time, enabling them to complete tasks outside of the office.

“Files can be opened, shared with others, sent via email, or even edited on the mobile device,” MSPmentor stated. “Everything is at the user’s fingertips. Now busy professionals can travel light, without compromise or worry.”

With a legacy file sharing setup, businesses will not be able to realize their full potential or promote innovative work processes. By using file sharing solutions, employees can have constant access to their resources and ensure that they remain productive at all times.