Online file sharing solutions enhance cloud safety

Oct 30, 2013

2013-10-30 Cloud Security.jpgOrganizations are more rapidly adopting cloud solutions for safer file storage, but there are still many security concerns surrounding the technology. As the cloud advances, services for protected file sharing products are quickly being deployed so that users can get the most out of their system. With all of the potential advantages, small businesses are increasingly adopting the cloud to improve their everyday processes.

Small businesses often have considerably smaller budgets than many of their larger competitors, meaning that the organization must wisely decide on what resources to invest in. With the cloud, the risk can be significantly higher if employees decide to use their personal accounts and devices for file sharing, leaving critical corporate information vulnerable to leaks. Daily Tech writer Michael Hatamoto noted that performing a risk assessment should be considered when migrating to a cloud environment in order to appropriately provision operators to deter breaches and potential threats.

“Cloud computing is introducing the notion of technology service as a utility, like lights, phone or water,” industry expert Bruce Campbell told the news source. “It’s still ‘dipping toes in the water’ time – the concept of a company’s technology resources and services being delivered by on-premises infrastructure is still the prevailing model, but bit-by-bit, that is changing.”

Bringing cloud benefits to SMBs
Although there are still considerable risks with the cloud, having a secure cloud-based file sharing service could bring significant benefits to the business. According to Cloud Times, most organizations haven’t fully realized the technology’s potential advantages, although the overall interest in cloud environments is expected to see a significant spike in the near future. While many companies may try to stay away from the cloud, critical processes like email and application deployment are already being run with the technology. With the cloud, organizations can also lessen the need for equipment maintenance, allowing them to yield cost savings and direct their focus to other necessary processes.

Having access to file sharing solutions at any time enables employees to significantly boost their productivity and be more efficient. The cloud is also readily scalable on an as-needed basis, while more sophisticated security protocols will ensure optimal data protection. With back-end management, the business can control authorization requirements and define access abilities for more sensitive information.

File sharing has become an important part of business processes and the cloud can help to make it safer. With shared solutions, users can realize cloud benefits while mitigating potential data risks.

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