Legal IT: Data Security for Law Firms

Feb 18, 2014

2014-02-18 Law.jpgAs the world around us becomes more mobile with each passing day, tablets and smartphones—such as iPhones and Blackberries—are becoming productive business tools in the legal field. In fact, some lawyers are conducting their work on these devices exclusively.

While these powerful mobile tools are convenient and offer legal professionals the ability to work on the go, the security of this medium is a concern. With so much sensitive information now being stored in the cloud, how can you ensure that your legal documents are safe and secure? How can you protect the confidentiality of your clients in a world that is becoming increasingly dependent on mobile devices?

Keeping Your Legal Documents and Data Secure

As we continue to move toward a mobile business world, keeping confidential information secure is the number one priority—especially in the legal field. Lawyers need to be able to share critical case information with their clients in a fast and secure way.

One of the most important aspects of legal IT is choosing the right software or service to use to maintain security and client confidentiality when sharing documents. Using popular cloud-based storage applications like Dropbox won’t cut it for lawyers. In order to ensure regulatory compliance of file sharing and maintain complete control of file access, law firms should look to a more specialized service, such as Memeo C1.

Memeo C1’s online management console allows lawyers to quickly, confidentially, and securely share case files and legal documents with clients, outside counsel, and approved personnel. Permissions can be set at the file level, user level, and/or device level.   As an added layer of security, the service can alert authorized personnel to potential threats to data, attempts at password resets, or suspicious activity surrounding secured documents to ensure they stay protected.

The Cloud is Safe for Law firms

The recent boom of cloud-based storage has raised a lot of questions about the security of the medium. Because the security and confidentiality of your files is your top priority, it’s only natural to feel some apprehension toward using legal document management software systems that store all of your documents online.

But you should lay that fear to rest; cloud-based storage services such as Memeo C1 are actually more secure than your computer’s internal hard drive.

These companies behind the creation of these services actually hire hackers to find any possible compromises in their systems so they can tighten up their security. Cloud document management for law firms actually simplifies the process of maintaining data security—your documents are kept safe and secure for you, not by you.

Legal Document Collaboration, Simplified

Using the cloud also makes the collaboration process much simpler. When a law firm switches to cloud document management, it eliminates the need for attorneys to be present in the office to access documents or case notes.

Instead, you and your partners can access the same case files remotely, both safely and confidentially. Because you, your clients, and your partners can use your smartphone or tablet to review any documents on the go, productivity will dramatically increase.

The use of mobile devices as business tools is changing the legal IT field every day. As these apps evolve, so too will law practice management software—changing your iPhone or iPad from a Facebook/Twitter browser to a powerful tool in your legal productivity arsenal.

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