Finding the best online file sharing solution for business

Sep 02, 2014

2014-09-02 File Sharing.jpgWith more employees seeking mobile capabilities, organizations are increasingly turning to cloud-based file sharing solutions to meet these demands. Although many businesses are now considering this for their own use, the acceptance of the technology and transition have not always been easy for regulated industries. However, by seeking a solution with the security that companies require and asking the right questions from the start, decision-makers can be sure to provide employees with a viable resource.

Business continuity efforts are quickly rising as data becomes more important to everyday operations and more costly to recover. Any new technology, including the cloud, typically brings security concerns over how information is protected, but with an enterprise online file sharing platform, much of the risk can be mitigated from built-in defenses. TechTarget noted that popular consumer-grade products do not have the proper safety measures, leaving documents vulnerable to threats. However, this does not mean that all solutions share the same formula. By utilizing a product geared specifically for the company environment, there will be enough security for file oversight without compromising the usability that workers require in their programs.

“The idea is not to introduce a fat application,” industry expert Bojan Dusevic told the source. “You build on the existing habit. There are vendors in the space that install thick applications. They chose to install a new application and [employees] don’t want a new Web portal that has to be learned like [Microsoft] SharePoint.”

Asking the right questions
When considering new technology for organizational use, it’s important to ask many questions about the system to better understand its implications and capabilities. TechRadar contributor Laurence James suggested that asking about how to audit information in the cloud, what happens when changing suppliers and what the price will be if data needs to be recovered. With the number of threats emerging, it’s essential to ensure that the provider has the appropriate defenses. Organizations will also want to ensure that they are not locked into a particular vendor in case the supplier goes out of business or the business requires a specialized service.

“Specifically, ask about the ability to pilot the solution,” James wrote. “You may still need to pay for implementation services associated with the pilot, but in the new world of cloud computing, look for proof points and results before you make a large investment.”