File sharing solutions clear up collaboration confusion

May 27, 2015

2014-05-27 Tools.jpgProductivity and efficiency are two crucial factors that will separate successful organizations from those that just don’t measure up to the competition. These traits can help improve time to market and ensure that client needs are being effectively addressed. By encouraging the use of online file sharing, employees will have more collaboration opportunities to complete projects faster and deliver profitable results. However, while many decision makers understand the value of teamwork, they are still unsure how to leverage collaboration tools.

Companies are starting to initiate options for employees to work together, but in order to have this effort succeed, they will need to provide workers with the right resources for the job. It should then come as no surprise that 89 percent of business leaders claimed a formal collaboration setup was essential to their operations in a recent AIIM survey. However, more than half also stated that collaboration tools werevery confusing due to their rapid convergence. Without the business to guide users to the right programs, many employees choose to leverage consumer-grade file sharing solutions, which are banned by 56 percent of organizations. Nearly a quarter of decision makers have given an enterprise-grade substitute, such as Memeo C1, to enable safe file transfers and reap associated advantages.

“The convenience and ease-of-use of consumer file-share and sync services make them very attractive for collaboration,” AIIM director of market intelligence Doug Miles said. “But such tools have security implications and organizations must look to provide flexible and easy-to-use collaboration functionality across the business if they really want to discourage use of consumer tools.”

Maximizing collaboration potential

While teamwork efforts can seem challenging, deploying a file sharing system will help streamline the process. ITBusinessEdge noted that leaders can use brainstorming and demonstrations to create new uses for the collaboration features and train employees at the same time. This will ensure that workers understand how to appropriately leverage the tools and achieve optimal performance.

By integrating solutions like mobile file sharing, organizations will also be able to mobilize their workforce and provide remote business opportunities. This will allow users to access their resources from any location and complete necessary tasks while outside of the office. The real-time capability of the solution also guarantees that viewers have the most recent version of the document, with changes being reflected as they are made.

Collaboration has become a substantial asset for businesses, but employees must have the best tools for the effort to be profitable. With file sharing, users can easily work with their documents and boost overall efficiency.

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