Enterprise-grade: How business solutions affect online file sharing choices

Dec 30, 2013

2014-10-23 File Sharing.jpgNo matter what size the business is, data security is always important when sending information across the company. As more employees begin to go mobile, online file sharing has become a necessary asset in the work environment, allowing staff to collaborate and access resources from any location. However, managers must ensure that they are providing personnel with enterprise-grade solutions rather than programs geared toward consumer needs.Files can be sent more securely and benefits will be maximized when employees utilize a business file sharing platform.

Most technologies have separate versions created for business processes and for personal use. Forbes contributor Ben Kepes wrote that while many consumer-driven organizations are trying to become enterprise grade, these vendors fail to deliver features that many businesses demand. True enterprise solutions will have the reliability, performance, security and support that companies are coming to expect. For example, secure file sharing will require a comprehensive approach that focuses on all aspects of protection including infrastructure and applications. An enterprise-grade offering will also be able to support complex workloads and help boost productivity through an easy-to-use program. Although many may think that services created for businesses are complicated, file sharing actually enhances the work environment and provides significant benefits for users upon successful integration.

Sharing in the cloud
Many organizations categorize their files based on level of sensitivity, and this determines whether they migrate that piece of information to file sharing solutions or keep it on-premise. MSPmentor contributor Michael Brown noted that while there may be items that are too critical for certain deployment options, other sharing solutions are able to safely store this data. For example, consumer software will not be able to match the compliance requirements or safety needs for healthcare and financial sectors. However, enterprise-grade services are able to give better oversight to location of the data, more vendor support and better encryption capabilities. In general file sharing, data may only be secured with one encryption key that everyone uses.

“Business solutions offer much more robust security standards,” Brown wrote. “Why? Because if they have to in order for companies to be in compliance with numerous laws and regulations. In other words, vacation pictures don’t need to be encrypted, but your business files probably do need some sort of added security level.”

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