Ensuring the viability of cloud file sharing solutions

Sep 18, 2014

2014-09-18 Security.jpgMany organizations are moving their data to cloud-based services more frequently than ever before, denoting a broader acceptance of the technology. Businesses are often seeking online file storage within the cloud to support continuity and collaboration efforts throughout its operations. However, while there are increasing adoptions of the cloud, companies should still ask the necessary questions and ensure that their service will have the functions required for users and security purposes.

With any technology, it’s important to do as much research as possible to ensure that the right solution is chosen. Across industries, encryption is a major element that decision-makers are looking for to guard their sensitive data and ensure that only authorized users can access these documents. However, according to a report by the Ponemon Institute, while trust in the cloud is increasing, only a minority of users are encrypting their data. To make matters worse, of the respondents with encryption, only 34 percent stated they had control of their keys, InfoWorld reported. For those without governance over their keys or those that don’t have encryption at all, their data is left extremely vulnerable both at rest and in transit. With enterprise file sharing solutions, organizations can utilize encryption capabilities to keep sensitive data safe while still allowing employees to have flexibility in their programs.

“Even if encryption isn’t employed unilaterally by cloud customers and uptake for same remains modest, they’ll scarcely be indifferent to the option to become that much more secure – and to control the parameters for that security,” InfoWorld wrote.

Considerations before cloud migration

While security is a major priority in choosing a cloud solution, there are several other factors that must be addressed. Industry experts encourage organizations to ask about the price of the cloud, how data can be recovered and verify that the vendor understands the sector the business operates in, Network World reported. Providers must know all of the legal implications and needs a particular industry has. Highly-regulated organizations like healthcare firms and financial agencies are under strict compliance rules that must be accommodated by any online file sharing services. By ensuring that a vendor is certified for these needs, the organization will be better able to roll out a successful cloud solution and improve overall processes.

“There are cloud storage providers that specialize, or at least have a keen understanding of your industry and the data you need to store,” industry expert Mark Wojtasiak told Network World. “Such knowledge and understanding can make a huge difference.”