Does An Online Document Management Service Protect Your Data?

Jun 17, 2014

2014-08-15 Cloud File Cabinet.jpgFile sharing is becoming an integral part of business processes, but it is up to IT decision makers to find an online document management service that will be able to protect the documents from any threats. While there are many options available, not all solutions are able to effectively protect data, with some providing more security features than others. Decision makers should thoroughly research each option and understand the features in each option. This will help IT leaders make an educated choice on which solution will offer secure file sharing.

Avoid consumer programs
While there are many solutions that are popular among consumers, these services typically will not be able to adequately deter threats from reaching corporate data. Dropbox, for example, has automated backend processing to generate file previews and some situations may require Dropbox employees to access the documents themselves, according to CSO. Although these instances may be rare, the possibility still may become a compliance issue, especially in the healthcare and payment card industries that have strict regulations over the protection of client data. Organizations will require an enterprise-grade online document management system in order to support sensitive data and protect it from potential breaches.

“Ultimately, though, it comes back to the fact that Dropbox should not be used for business. Period,” according to the source. “It is a consumer-oriented service, providing consumer-grade protection.”

Implementing a true management solution
Although there are many consumer services available that must be avoided, businesses can easily find an online document management service that will meet their needs. The solution should be able toprovide encryption capabilities as well as a secure platform for file sharing and archival, according to The Guardian. Memeo C1 can provide these features as well as remote wiping capabilities and oversight into the location of the data for better online document management. This allows IT teams to monitor the location of data at all times and ensure that only authorized users are accessing sensitive information. The solution will help mitigate threats and enable companies to deploy robust protection measures.

Online document management solutions can be effective for many businesses, but if it is a consumer solution, it will not provide the coverage needed to secure company assets. With a business-grade service such as Memeo C1, organizations will be able to keep their data safe and mitigate risks with advanced security measures.

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