Determining the best way to protect mobile file sharing

Jun 03, 2014

2014-06-03 Cloud File Sharing.jpgWith bring-your-own-device initiatives being increasingly adopted by organizations, it should come as no surprise that more personal devices are being used for work processes than ever before. This development has also introduced substantial security concerns that need to be addressed by each business. While many have chosen to use some form of mobile access control to regulate corporate data on worker equipment, other companies are unsure what measures to take to protect their information.

Increasing pressure is being placed on IT staff to ensure that user devices are safe from breaches or potential file compromises, but without the right tools, this effort is more challenging. A survey by the Federal Trade Commission revealed that apps asking individuals to share personal data were declined or uninstalled by 57 percent of mobile users. This development shows that more people are becoming savvier with best security practices and are understanding how to better protect themselves from harmful programs.

While this is a substantial improvement, there are still adjustments that organizations need to make in order to safeguard their mission-critical files. For example, providing a secure file sharing solution will allow users to access their business resources without fear of compromising the material. It will also open up more collaboration opportunities to improve production and overall efficiency.

Securing the mobile environment
Although protecting a work environment from potential mobile risks is challenging, there are steps organization leaders can take to mitigate the threats. SC Magazine contributor Erich Stuntebeck noted that leveraging a multi-layered strategy, predicting possible dangers and using monitoring solutions will be essential to a secure file archive. While many consumer-grade systems lack that safety measures most businesses need, enterprise file sharing solutions can provide the tools to achieve these needs and grant oversight into the data’s location. Services such as Memeo C1 enable remote wipe capabilities, preventing unauthorized personnel from viewing essential documents and ensuring file integrity. As the price for data recovery continues to climb, these solutions will become more important for company continuity and success. It will be essential for business leaders to consider file sharing options as they continue to innovate their operations.

“When it comes to adopting any new technology, the less time organizations spend worrying about security, the more they can focus on driving core business strategies,” Stuntebeck wrote. “Therefore, understanding technology trends and predicting their impact is vital to any organization’s mobility strategy.”

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