Data processes boosted by cloud, file sharing solutions

May 12, 2015

2015-05-12 Graphs.jpgData archiving and storage is becoming a necessary part of business operations, driving managers to choose solutions that will better support these needs. The cloud and an online file sharing platform are likely to be the most valuable assets in these efforts. As more employees bring in personal devices for work purposes, these technologies will be able to reinforce data processes while enabling staff to perform effectively from any location.

The cloud has quickly moved beyond its buzzword status to become one of the most essential tools in an organization. While some decision-makers still have qualms over security, the cloud’s evolution is quickly mitigating these fears. This is evident by the fact that global spending on the cloud is expected to increase annually by 23 percent over the next four years, according to an IDC report. The market already reached $45.7 billion in 2013 and is not expected to slow down anytime soon. This growth demonstrates the expanding understanding of potential cloud users as they begin to realize what the technology can do and how it can benefit their processes.

“One of the most interesting findings is that cloud has emerged as the number one networking initiative over the next 12 months,” Infonetics’ Matthias Machowinski said, according to MSP Today. “Companies are embracing the cloud in a services model as well as building their own cloud-architected data centers, and this means upgrades to network infrastructure.”

Leveraging file sharing for business
Cloud-based file sharing solutions are becoming popular across organizations as more users start to look for more collaboration and remote opportunities. BusinessNewsDaily noted that while employees may have their own devices, IT can still oversee sensitive documents with business-grade file sharing program. Administrative control can ensure that no unauthorized users are able to access essential documents, preventing possible breaches and data compromise.

In addition, there are other significant advantages to file sharing. The documents can be easily worked on by multiple people at the same time, and secure file sharing can boost the overall user experience. Workers can have the information they require on-hand right away, enabling them to be more efficient and better support company goals.

“As a small business user, organization is key,” according to BusinessNewsDaily. “Having such a systematic approach can both prevent digital chaos in the way employees use a cloud service and help keep an eye on data security.”