Creating a cohesive workforce: Tips to improve collaboration

Mar 06, 2015

2015-03-06 Collaboration.jpgCollaboration is an impactful force in any situation. Remember the old saying “Two heads are better than one?” Oftentimes, this is more true than we realize. Having the ability to bounce ideas off another individual can help illuminate solutions not previously thought of, and can go a long way toward ensuring everyone involved is on the same page.

However, in today’s technologically advanced workplaces, it can sometimes be difficult to encourage collaboration among co-workers. When not utilized appropriately, some systems can create additional silos, when they were meant to break these walls down. Although it can be a challenge, collaboration is one of the most beneficial interactions among staff members, and encouraging this practice considerably foster company success.

Below are a few best strategies to help administrators improve the level of collaboration present in their offices, and therefore boost the business’ overall productivity.

Enable tech-based collaboration
One way to enhance co-workers’ cooperation is to provide technology that is designed to develop these efforts. BYOD management coupled with secure online file storage and file sharing platforms can revamp the way employees connect with each other, especially on the go. Whereas in the past, it was a real challenge to contact a traveling business person, mobile devices and secure file sharing have caused a considerable shift within the industry. Nowadays, workers can keep in contact with each other no matter where they roam thanks to their smartphones and tablets. Additionally, as these endpoints can access, change and share business files via a Web-based file sharing system, workers can remain productive while on the go.

Host meetings between leaders and employees of different departments
Freiberg’s Resources also suggested encouraging face-to-face meetings between individuals of different departments. Oftentimes, as employees within the same department work on similar projects and deal with specific duties, they are hesitant to connect with others outside their sector. However, this type of collaboration can sometimes be the most beneficial as it can create a workforce where everyone is working to further the company as a whole, not just their individual department.

“Thinking and brainstorming together, problem solving together, celebrating together, and assuming collective responsibility for the organization’s success is a powerful catalyst for building trust and making collaboration a way of life,” ​Freiberg’s Resources stated.

Be open to honest feedback
Vertical Response also noted that business leaders must be open to feedback concerning company projects and policies. This form of collaboration can lead to impactful changes and considerable improvements.

“In the end, [feedback will] make the business better and the product better,” said collaboration technology expert Nate Kontny.

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