Businesses use online file sharing to handle mobile access demands

Nov 04, 2013

2015-04-07 Cloud Backups.jpgWhen business progress and continuity are put into question, file sharing solutions are typically brought up as a way to improve disaster recovery initiatives as well as simplify everyday tasks. As more employees look to use their own devices for work purposes, the organization must ensure that data is adequately protected on any piece of equipment while also giving workers the freedom to access their resources. Because cloud and other file sharing services are becoming more popular, companies must prepare their systems to secure the data and support the spike in connections.

File sharing offerings have significantly improved their capabilities, progressively adapting to business and user needs. In a recent interview with TechTarget, Enterprise Strategy Group senior analyst Terri McClure noted that traditional document sharing methods are meeting numerous challenges with the emerging mobile workforce and the amount of devices they’re asking to use for data access.  IT must make the information readily available without compromising it in the process. With secure file sharing, organizations can ensure that they are providing employees with the necessary tools while still maintaining data safety.

“They get access not to the entire file, not to the entire document library, but just to that individual piece of collateral you’re trying to share,” McClure said. “What these online cloud services allow is that they enable IT to start supporting all these endpoint devices, and they really enable true collaboration beyond what traditional file sharing and many document management systems allow.”

Rising above FTP sharing
As companies look for more secure ways of sending documents, File Transfer Protocol has been considered another option for sharing business files. The downside is that FTP requires server installation.

“Online file sharing services have become an invaluable tool for businesses and individuals looking for a quick and easy way to share files,” Carlson wrote. “You can send audio, video and PowerPoint files quickly and securely, without requiring customers to download any extra software.”

File sharing has become a major asset for many organizations, but many are still cautious due to the security risks. As the services continue to advance, the offerings have adapted to meet user needs, allowing them to easily use the solution while keeping important data safe.