3 reasons why business should go mobile now

Apr 24, 2015

2015-04-24 Tablet User.jpgMobility is becoming an important asset for many organizations, but there are still some decision-makers that are hesitant to allow their employees to use their own mobile devices. However, as staff members look to use their hardware more in the workplace, it will be essential to provide the right tools to support this demand. Rather than ignoring the bring-your-own-device trend, businesses must embrace it if they are to innovate their operations and foster future success. Here are a few reason why it’s time to go mobile now:

1. It’s inevitable
Consumers use their devices on a daily basis, so it makes sense that they would want to leverage this equipment in the workplace. Even if their business outright bans the hardware usage, employees will likely continue to utilize them for processes like online file sharing, email and other functions. With the promise of wearables and the Internet of Things on the horizon, accepting BYOD will be IT’s best bet on retaining control over company assets while enabling workers to effectively perform with tools that they prefer.

2. Productivity will significantly improve
Information is often siloed across various departments, leaving room for redundancies or space for things to fall through the cracks. However, mobile devices work to break down these barriers. Fast Company contributor Javier Soltero noted that in order to mitigate the productivity gap, users cannot expect to leverage their mobile hardware in the same way as a desktop. With so many people accessing documents from their devices, it will be important to have a single platform that people can view them on. Mobile file sharing solutions support these needs, enabling employees to access their resources from any device. This will eliminate time previously used in running around looking for physical records and will foster opportunities for collaboration.

3. Users can bolster business
For client-facing employees, if there is any delay between when a request is made and when the information is delivered, it could negatively affect the customer’s experience. However, sharing business files will allow staff members to have the most updated data on hand, enabling them to make faster decisions and better engage consumers. With prompt, helpful interactions, customers will be more likely to return for future services, bolstering overall business. Using mobile devices will also ensure that representatives can be reached at any time to answer questions, boosting satisfaction and retention rates.

With the apparent benefits of establishing a mobile workplace, it’s important to be able to support this type of environment. As mobile devices become more integral to employee functions, decision-makers must consider how to incorporate the trend.