3 reasons to invest in secure online file sharing

Feb 26, 2016

Laptop Folding File.jpgMoving documents from one team member to the other has gotten a lot easier with the introduction of computers and other digital devices. A functional office should revolve around collaboration, and yet many companies settle for less-than-perfect methods of transferring information between co-workers. To that end, we'd like to take some time and discuss the top three reasons to invest in a secure online file sharing solution:

1. It can help prevent data leaks

The first, and perhaps most important, reason your company should look into an online file sharing program is the fact that your workers are subject to human error. It's not that they aren't trustworthy. Rather, people are just known from making mistakes from time to time. In fact, the IT Policy Compliance Group found that nearly three-quarters of all events resulting in data loss can be attributed to human error.

This is especially true if your office has implemented a bring-your-own-device policy. While allowing workers to use their own gadgets to complete tasks has many benefits, the major drawback is that they generally aren't as careful with their own property as they are with office hardware. Leaving a laptop containing sensitive work information on a bus can result in a nasty data breach.

This is why many online file sharing options such as Memeo C1 utilize a remote wipe feature. This allows key administrators to essentially delete company information off an employee's device at will. It also works when a worker has to be let go, as it saves the company the headache of having to deal with a leak stemming from a disgruntled former staff member.

2. Email isn't good enough

Email is incredibly convenient and has completely changed the face of modern communications, but it simply isn't safe enough for private company information. The FBI has been tracking the number of hackers gaining access to company accounts, a trend they've named business email compromise. BEC has become a serious problem for organizations, with the FBI reporting that in the first half of 2015, there was a 270 percent increase in people speaking out about their victimization.

After gaining access to an account – oftentimes through attacks such as phishing schemes – hackers can wreak a lot of havoc. Client information can instantly be put up for sale, and any accounting information sent through the email address will allow the cybercriminal to access company funds. Secure file sharing solutions enable organization administrators to mitigate these kinds of risks. 

3. It can serve as backup for important files

Another great advantage of online file sharing is the fact that it can act as a backup for the company's most mission-critical data. Not backing up important information is just asking for trouble, and yet many companies neglect to do so.

A secure file sharing solution enables multiple devices to access the same business information. If one of these devices were to be lost or destroyed, the owner could rest assured that the information contained within the gadget could also be found on his co-worker's hardware. What's more, the Memeo C1 secure file sharing solution also offers file recovery. In the event that data needs to be restored, Memeo C1 can help make sure those files are brought back to working order