3 features you should look for in a file-sharing solution

Aug 17, 2016

3 features you should look for in a file sharing solution.jpg

3 features you should look for in a file-sharing solution

Businesses gather a lot of documents and information over the years. For industries like health care, many of these files were often physically kept in storage cabinets and folders. However, this type of system is no longer feasible in any sector. File-sharing programs are becoming a necessary tool that will enable employees to do their jobs more effectively. There are a few must-have features to be on the lookout for when choosing a file-sharing program:

1. Collaboration

The main draw of file sharing is that it enables staff members to work with each other anytime, anywhere. This means that if an organization has employees in other parts of the globe, they can easily collaborate despite time differences and geographical boundaries. TechTarget contributor Jonathan Bordoli noted that a good file-sharing program will embed and track changes within a document. It's also important that users can work on the file at the same time without overwriting changes, ensuring that everyone is always on the same page. This type of functionality will be critical to boosting efficiency, quality of work and productivity.

2. Syncing

If you've ever worked with Word or another document tool, a good rule of thumb is to save early and save often. Nothing is worse than working on a project and completing it only to find that you forgot to save. With file-sharing programs, this can happen when syncing. Business News Daily noted that not all services will automatically sync, potentially losing hours of work if you don't remember to do it manually. A good file-sharing solution should always keep your data up-to-date as well as enable scheduled backups to provide extra peace of mind.

3. Security

There are a number of businesses that have passed on file sharing due to security concerns. This is reasonable from the fact that a number of organizations have had their information compromised from a variety of sources. However, file sharing can be protected from such events, it just takes the right solution. ComputerWeekly contributors Rob Koplowitz and Ted Schadler noted that organizations must find the perfect balance between experience and security in order to make file sharing a success. It will be important to know how the platform integrates with other applications, where files will be stored, if the system meets compliance standards and what types of access permissions are available. Some resources will encrypt files, enabling only authorized users to view their contents. Other solutions allow organizations to choose between a public and private cloud platform when storing information, striking a good balance in providing convenience and protection for sensitive information.

File-sharing programs are no longer a tool that's just nice to have, it's becoming a necessity. However, with the number of options available, it can be daunting for organizations to figure out which one to choose. With these three must-have features as your guide, as well as your other requirements, you will be able to pick a solution that is best for your team and boost its capabilities.