Memeo® Premium Backup

Memeo Premium Backup is a simple backup solution for a complex digital world. By automatically backing up your valuable and sentimental documents, Memeo Premium Backup can restore your files whenever you need them.

The Premium version offers many advanced automatic backup features and is great for digital camera users and those wanting to backup up to 50,000 files.

Memeo Premium Backup also offers the LifeAgent Explorer Extension feature, which allows you to add files to your backup plan or restore files and documents directly from a Windows Explorer window.

Your digital files are important. Protect them with Memeo Premium Backup.



11, 10, 8, 7, Vista, XP


$59.95/1x license

Support for Apple products has been discontinued.

 I love it when someone rethinks a basic, everyday problem and comes up with an approach that's much more suitable for the end user. Why isn't backing up files continuously this easy on everyone's Windows computer? I think Memeo has come up with a ‘better mousetrap’ rather than just assuming the old standard way of doing things was good enough. Kudo's Memeo. This is how end-user backup software should work.

Network World

 Just recently, my computer wouldn't start up properly. The worst had happened and it came back from the repair shop restored to factory settings. All programs and files were gone. What a disaster. I was immensely relieved to discover Memeo Backup had been doing exactly what it should and all files, documents and photos had been backed up, quietly and efficiently in the background. I've been able to retrieve everything and continue to run my business with barely a hitch. Thanks very much and kind regards.

A. Bennet