Secure file sharing: Making BYOD viable for your business

Dec 15, 2015

Smartphone User.jpgAmericans love their gadgets. A recent study by the Pew Research Center found that around 68 percent of American adults have a smartphone right now, and that number is rapidly increasing every year. With so many people carrying around what is essentially a computer in their pocket, it's not surprising that a lot of organizations are allowing the bring-your-own-device trend to settle into their company. 

BYOD is quickly picking up steam, with a Tech Pro Research survey finding that 74 percent of businesses already have or are planning to have employees use their own devices at work. That being said, BYOD is being seen by many as a major threat to company security. Employees simply aren't as vigilant about cybersecurity with their own devices as they are with company-owned ones, and certain IT professionals envision a lot of problems with letting employees bring their own equipment. 

Employees just aren't reliable sometimes

One of the biggest security concerns about BYOD is how poorly many people treat their own property. Because the devices technically belong to the employee, many IT experts are worried that they may not treat the company information contained on their devices with the respect it deserves. To an extent, these professionals are right to be worried.

A infographic from IKEA found that 43 percent of Americans believe themselves to be unorganized. While this is a big enough problem when it comes to a messy workplace, being disorganized has more frightening implications for business owners that want to implement a BYOD policy. Due to the fact that smartphones allow for mobile file sharing, there is a very good chance that an employee working for a company utilizing BYOD would use their phone for work. This employee, if one of the 43 percent that identifies themselves as disorganized, could very easily leave said phone on a bus or a train. 

If this phone were to fall into the hands of a nefarious individual, your company's private data would instantly be up for grabs. Are you ready for all of your business's private information to become public?

Secure file sharing with remote wipe is the solution

Although this is a very real concern about implementing a BYOD policy, it doesn't have to stop your company from allowing employees to bring devices from home. A secure file sharing system with a remote wipe option, like Memeo C1, is perfect for these kinds of situations. Once notified that the phone has been lost, an administrator can easily wipe the device of any company data instantly and from the comfort of the office. 

BYOD is rapidly becoming a trend that is sweeping the business sector. Don't let security woes stop your company from taking advantage of it!