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Category: Online File Sharing

Businesses gather a lot of documents and information over the years. For industries like health care, many of these files were often physically kept in storage cabinets and folders. However, this type of system is no longer feasible in any sector. File-sharing programs are becoming a necessary tool that will enable employees to do their jobs more effectively. There are a few must-have features to be on the lookout for when choosing a file-sharing program.  Read More


Mobile devices and other hardware are being increasingly used across businesses to access, manage and transfer critical information. However, while our equipment has advanced beyond traditional laptops, the programs we use to send our documents are taking a lot longer to change. In fact, some companies likely still rely solely on emails, which has been proven time and again to be unsecure and inefficient for long-term file sharing purposes. As businesses look to further improve their file transfer process, security should take precedence in their efforts.  Read More

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