Online file sharing solutions provide small business benefits

Nov 27, 2013

2015-06-18 Folders.jpgAs the digital age marches forward, companies of all sizes are discovering the advantages of leveraging technology for improved functionality. While many organizations utilize file sharing solutions to transmit data and boost collaboration, there are several perks in store especially for small businesses that use these offerings.

When a small business utilizes online file storage or digital file sharing capabilities, administrators have a higher degree of visibility over data throughout the organization. Those in charge of IT and security can easily see the locations of sensitive business information in all departments of a company, as well as within partner or client organizations.

In addition, according to Keppie Careers, hosted and online file sharing solutions enable small businesses to share large amounts of data, including long text documents, video and image files. In such cases, simply emailing a larger document can be difficult for users on both ends of a transfer, and it can also be an insecure platform for sensitive information transmissions. By turning to a file sharing solution, employees within a small business can quickly and easily transmit large files securely.

Technet contributor Chris Fernando also stated that file sharing solutions that utilize online or cloud resources can provide added flexibility and mobility for small business employees. Because such solutions allow workers to access information from a variety of mobile devices and from nearly any location, employees have all the resources they need to perform their duties in the office, from home or while traveling.

Fernando also highlighted the cost-saving benefits for small businesses. Because large files include images, audio or video content can take up a large percentage of hard drive space, organizations may find themselves needing to pay for more storage to facilitate these kind of transfers. However, online file sharing solutions can help small businesses avoid spending additional money to make large data transmissions possible.