File sharing solutions reinforce collaboration opportunities

Apr 07, 2014

2014-04-07 Collaboration.jpgBusinesses are constantly on the lookout for services that will help their operations become more efficient and yield substantial benefits. This is where file sharing solutions come in, offering collaboration opportunities and other advantages that can help spur company growth and boost overall employee satisfaction. While the value of a file sharing solution is significant, some organizations are still hesitant to adopt them due to security requirements and other industry mandated regulations. However, with the technology evolving, file sharing in the workplace has become a more viable option and is creating a solid business use case.

Sharing files digitally is still a topic of consideration across many companies, but the potential benefits are too valuable to ignore. MSPmentor noted that some organizations may struggle with collaboration efforts, but by using sync and share software, they can better support these initiatives. This allows employees to work more effectively together and open up more successful teamwork opportunities with external third parties. With a secure file sharing platform, the business can facilitate a safer space for collaborating on large documents and sensitive material that may not be feasible to store in other programs. The capabilities of solutions such as Memeo C1 provide this protected environment, while also providing space for more extensive materials. Integrating these services ensures organizations can operate seamlessly with third parties and create a more cohesive workforce.

“Often, collaboration processes with third parties involve lots of back and forth, with each party updating, uploading, and moving files from folder to folder in a workflow,” according to the source. “Making this process intuitive, secure, and easy is no small feat.”

Successfully leveraging collaboration tools
Working with other organizations or supporting options for employees to team up has the potential to open substantial growth opportunities, but the tools must be used effectively. However, to do so will require staff to understand and use best practices. TechTarget noted that collaboration efforts will need to establish participation incentives, acquire executive sponsorship and use the technology to create a stronger community. These approaches will help drive interest in the collaboration opportunities and ensure that workers have the best tools on hand to be effective.

While it’s important that decision makers consider user needs when planning their collaboration initiatives, they must also factor in how the tools will further overall goals. For example, sharing business files could help employees look up relevant information a lot quicker, allowing them to better serve customers and increase overall client satisfaction. According to TechTarget, the potential for better consumer experiences is what drives the adoption of collaboration software and sharing programs. Although the customers may not be using the solutions, they are directly affected by the software’s capabilities.

“Better customer service is the killer use case that we already know about,” Forrester Research analyst Rob Koplowitz told TechTarget. “I visualize it as this brick wall between those people out there, and our people in here. The break in the brick wall is around scenarios like better customer service . . . [where companies] allow those external and internal processes to intermingle.”

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