Businesses take a hybrid approach to secure file sharing

Mar 17, 2014

2014-06-19 Cloud.jpgSyncing documents into the cloud can bring substantial benefits to business processes, including more opportunities for collaboration and the ability to work more efficiently with information. As more organizations begin to rely on file sharing solutions within this environment, the features are becoming a prominent deciding factor for organizational leaders. Decision makers must determine if the system has the tools required to meet user needs while ensuring that sensitive data will be secure. With these factors placed as priorities, companies can strike the right balance between protection and functionality.

Being able to work with business resources outside of the office is becoming more of a necessity as it will allow employees to be productive at all times. That way, if staff are sick but still well enough to complete tasks, they can do so from their home. The online file sharing program will also help drive continuity efforts, ensuring that if disaster strikes, the files will be safe and accessible. Midsize Insider contributor Marissa Tejada noted that the value of cloud-based sharing can be experienced by companies of every size, but the use of the system must be governed in order to protect sensitive information. In many cases, breaches come down to inadequate key management for encrypted files and system authorization. This opens substantial vulnerabilities in the system and could compromise files.

“It is the responsibility of IT professionals to ensure that security gaps within their networks are closed,” Tejada wrote. “In today’s fast-paced cloud-based business world, this is becoming more of a challenge. Taking the time to thoroughly assess the solutions available in the marketplace will make all the difference.”

Seeking safety within the cloud
While protection is one of the biggest needs in cloud technology, many solutions are still unable to provide the security enterprises require. In a piece for TechTarget, Enterprise Strategy Group senior analyst Terri McClure noted that organizations must evaluate each file, as some information is more sensitive than others and is regulated by industry safety standards. Through its research, ESG found that adoption rates for file sharing programs are rising – the growth is most notable in hybrid solutions that offer an easy transition to the cloud. The service allows organizations to deploy some of their resources to the cloud. while keeping other essential assets on-premise in a private, secure file sharing platform. This provides them with the ability to meet compliance rules, and it ensures that employees will still be able to get the most out of their resources.

“[T]he vast majority of organizations have some reservations about how service providers handle sensitive company data,” McClure wrote. “In light of those reservations, it’s not surprising that customer interest in hybrid and on-premises deployment models has burgeoned.”

Businesses are becoming increasingly mindful of how their information is being used and where their documents are located. With a solution such as Memeo C1, IT staff will have better control over their files since it provides a secure environment for collaboration efforts.

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