Benefits of using dedicated enterprise solutions for secure file sharing

Nov 11, 2013

2014-09-30 Download Button.jpgThe bring-your-own-device trend has significantly changed the way in which many organizations use their hardware for business purposes. Many of the demands coming from employees centers around the ability to provide for more remote working opportunities that will allow them to finish their daily responsibilities from any location. To accomplish this, sharing business files is essential to ensuring that workers have access to all necessary resources at all times. Businesses must provision their staff with the best tools that will boost overall efficiency.

Although many companies are still hesitant to have employees send over corporate information, more are taking advantage of solutions that allow secure file sharing. This service allows workers to fully sync their documents through a more protected medium, appealing to both the users and management. InformationWeek contributor George Crump noted that rather than ignoring the need for file transfers, investing in an enterprise solution will help provide employees with storage and backup capabilities, while also giving IT personnel more safety features to guard sensitive data. These tools may include encryption and oversight, which will provide more opportunities to identify and deter potential threats.

“You need to be able to see what data is being shared, by whom and with whom,” Crump wrote. “Many solutions have expanded to also provide end-point backup. If you’ve decided to count on this from your solution you also need to make sure that devices are being protected. Finally, you probably want some type of remote wipe capability so data that is cached on a user’s devices can be erased when they leave the company.”

Using better security measures
For many organizations, protecting their data from unauthorized users can seem like a monumental challenge based on the amount of devices that connect to the system on a daily basis. In a piece for MSPmentor, Michael Brown noted that consumer-facing solutions may not be the best options because they’re not specifically designed for business use. Rather, using enterprise file sharing solutions help the company comply with industry standards while still protecting the system from sophisticated attacks.

The security capabilities of business-facing sharing solutions are significantly more advanced than consumer options. Support and hosting capabilities can differ as businesses can always know the location of the data and quickly receive provider assistance in the case of an emergency, Brown asserted. Encryption and oversight are also more advanced with these kinds of offerings, as companies tend to be more heavily affected by potential information vulnerabilities.

“Business solutions offer much more robust security standards,” Brown wrote. “Why? Because if they have to in order for companies to be in compliance of the laws and regulations mentioned above. In other words, vacation pictures don’t need to be encrypted, but your business files probably do need some sort of added security level.”

Online file sharing is quickly becoming more popular among all industries. As the technology continues to advance, companies can provision employees with the best tools while still securing confidential data.