Adoption of cloud services increases with user understanding

Aug 05, 2014

2014-08-15 Cloud File Cabinet.jpgOnline file storage needs are continually growing with more mobile devices being used in the workplace and remote business opportunities opening. In order to accommodate these innovative processes, many organizations are starting to incorporate cloud-based services to keep their essential files and access them at any time. Some companies are still skeptical about the reliability and safety of the technology, however, due to the long-standing lack of protection features included in consumer-grade solutions. As users gain a better understanding of the cloud and how it works, they are more willing to pursue it for their operations and reinforce it with additional security.

The cloud was once an amorphous concept that had numerous meanings, but it has since become more standardized. Organizations are beginning to invest more of their time in researching what the technology is and what it’s capable of, effectively reducing the concern of risks. According to a survey by RightScale, while one-third of businesses that were not using the cloud at all noted security as their main consideration, this priority dropped to 13 percent for seasoned cloud users, Forbes contributor Joe McKendrick wrote. This development shows that when services like online file sharing are used, companies become more comfortable with the cloud and better understand what it involves as well as how to effectively mitigate potential risks.

“The reduced concern about security reflects a comfort level that increases as the time spent with cloud engagements increases,” McKendrick wrote. “That doesn’t mean slacking off on security, of course – ultimately, security is the responsibility of the end-user company.”

Handling data in the cloud
Organizations are collecting and utilizing more information than ever before, and to handle this growth, silos have emerged to help meet business goals. While the separation of data can help teams go through it faster, it can limit the insights gleaned from the metrics, affecting how decisions are made to improve operations. Data Center Knowledge contributor Jeetu Patel noted that by bringing files and information to the cloud, the silos could be broken down, allowing for a more streamlined way to work with documents. This will boost productivity and ensure that users can easily work from any location.

File sharing solutions leveraged in conjunction with the cloud will provide substantial benefits for organizations including faster decision making, better customer service and more flexibility than ever before. The cloud-based solution will also be easier to navigate as it provides access to all essential applications from a unified platform, rather than having users log in to each system individually.

“File sharing tools, especially for the enterprise, should unlock existing information silos so they are accessible on all the devices their employees may be using,” Patel wrote. “Documents and files are useless unless they are accessible when, where and how users need them.”

Cloud-based file sharing is becoming more of an accepted medium within the business environment. As users familiarize themselves with this technology, it will be important to provide an enterprise-grade solution that will protect sensitive data while still providing users with the tools they need to work efficiently.

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